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CHMSHOPPINGGUIDE website is not just a website alone, but functions with its parent website known as CHM Supersound and CHM Superstore.

A. - This website has main page features 5 highly recommended audio albums and 5 much sought-after videos. The attraction of the site would be the biggest catalog of PNG & South Pacific music ever made available online. This catalog consists of close more than 30 years of producing hits in PNG. The site would also feature a members section wherein members get value-packed freebies and other music-based treats at special discounted prices.

B. This site is a online store which enables online customers to pay through Paypal. On the front page, it features albums with brief descriptions which enable online purchasing of Albums. It also has a search function to speed the process of looking for specific artists or albums.  This site allow online customers to buy MP3 Album downloads.

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